Moving Forward in 2018

Reflecting on life over the past year and steps I’m taking to move forward in 2018, to improve my skills, capabilities, and my peace of mind.


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2018, I couldn’t be happier to greet you. 2017 was off to a tumultuous start, but on a personal level, made a turn for the better. Josh and I bought our first home, I got a new job, my sister and my future brother-in-law got engaged, several of our wonderful friends got married, I made multiple (mind you) pie crusts from scratch, plus their innards. I was gifted a kitchen aid mixer 🙏🏼, we bought a vacuum cleaner that is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used, and this past fall, I started planning and working on my garden, which I’m so stoked to really cut my teeth into this spring. Now, if that isn’t a successful year (and super adulting), I don’t know what is.

But all of these accomplishments didn’t come without their hardships. In all my years of life, I don’t believe I have ever been this stressed, riddled with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. I have been challenged, tested, broken, renewed, re-energized, and reconsidered my life decisions more often than I care to admit.

But now I feel (at least today), that I can finally get a grasp on my life, my job, my goals, and finally take a deep breath in, and let it allll out.

I have been reflecting on life over the past year; the accomplishments, the failures, and steps I took to move forward and this year I’d like to take more strides to improve my skills, capabilities, and my peace of mind. To do so will take much persistence and practice, but here’s what I want to focus on in 2018:

Eliminate Stress

Sure, I won’t be able to cut-out all of the stress in my life, but accepting that life happens and continuing to move forward may help reduce some of that pressure. One thing is for sure, I don’t have the energy to deal with stress in 2018.

In addition to continuing my practice of yoga, another way I plan on relieving stress is through meditation. There are so many health benefits of meditation. My only problem is, I can only sit still for about 6 minutes max, and my mind is a mile per minute. Any pointers from anyone who practices? 🙋🏻‍♀️


Not surprisingly, a lot of my stress was a direct result of my lack of preparedness, which had me constantly struggling to keep up. This year I want to focus on seeking opportunities to plan ahead, improve my knowledge and skills, and improve my overall confidence by being prepared.

Being Present

Ironically, it’s difficult to be present in a digital age, especially when your job is social media. However, this year I’d like to be more present to the people who mean the most to me. While I don’t believe I was particularly terrible at being present/communicating before, I think there’s room for us all to improve here. Let’s all put down the phones and have some solid discussions with each other (unless you’re reading this post ;)).

While there are multiple goals/changes I’d like to focus on in 2018, these preceding goals are most important to me. What goals are you setting for 2018? What steps are you taking to achieve them?

Finding Inspiration In Four Empty Walls

Hello everyone,

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted, but guess what? I landed my first big girl job. The opportunity presented itself abruptly, and was offered to me quite quickly. There wasn’t much time to decide. And because of that short notice, I had to put in my two weeks for my other two jobs and juggle working at all three for a couple of weeks. It’s been very stressful these past few weeks, but I’m starting to get the hang of 9-5 world.

There’s just one problem.

My hearts not 100% into it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so new, that the work isn’t very challenging right now, or if it’s because I don’t feel like a full-time employee (I am a contractor right now), or if I know it’s just an in-between position, a transition into my future.

My industry are mommies and I’ve been doing a lot of research on them. I’ve been reading about all the first three year basics, from breastfeeding to sippy cups. I’ve read blogs, reviews, birth stories, both the beautiful and the tragic. I’ve watched videos, and I’ve reached out to parents I know. I don’t have any kids and I believe the biggest  challenge for me, is that I cannot grasp the depth of motherhood, and I won’t fully understand it until I become a mother. But I respect these women. I respect their commitment, their sacrifice, their strength, I respects their feats and their little achievements.

Every time I look at blogs, I’m reminded of my own that I’m neglecting. And it makes me sad, but it also inspires me. I find myself day dreaming about article topics, headlines, photo opportunities, and hell, even the appearance.

It makes me happy, given the circumstance of my unfulfilled somewhat full-time job, and it’s OK because these women that I’m learning so much about are inspiring me to keep my goals at the forefront.

I just think it’s pretty awesome, finding inspiration in an empty office, from wonderful women that I’ll never know.

Here’s to being optimistic that every thing will work out the way it ought to.

Goodnight readers, more posts to come.