How To Get Your Body Caftan-Ready For The Summer

Article originally published in New York Magazines, The Cut. Written by Véronique Hyland. Title is the same as the original article.


About a month ago, I was eating at a restaurant in West Hollywood with a friend. We’d already devoured faux In-N-Out burgers, the contents of the dim sum and sushi carts, and a generous helping of fries. She didn’t seem particularly concerned about our Falstaffian night of consumption. “I’m getting ready to go to a caftan party,” she told me. Instead of a bachelorette party, a friend of hers was having a house party with caftans as a required dress code. When I returned to New York, I saw thatChristina Hendricks is also a fan of caftan parties (and even got Jimmy Fallon to wear one). One can only hope that, like juicing, injecting vitamin B-12, using hella as an adverb, and doing those weird IV drips, caftan parties are a chill West Coast trend that’s headed east very soon. That’s how it always starts: Your much-cooler-to-the-point-where-they’re-slumming friend tells you about it, then a minor celebrity raves about it, then everyone is suddenly doing it.

It’s now late May, which means that women’s publications are in full bikini-body crisis mode. A Vogue headline blares, “How to Get a Beach Body in Two Weeks.” Self magazine might as well display a visible forehead vein: Get that bikini body or else! (“SUMMER SEXY STARTS NOW,” screams their current cover.) These articles emphasize a Spartan regimen of salt-reduction, dry brushing, and tiny, fishy meals. Perhaps there’s the occasional Pyrrhic “cheat day,” but overall these prescriptions do not spell “summer fun.”

But getting a caftan body — now, that is far more pleasurable. Below, the Cut’s steps to getting yourself caftan-ready for the warmer months. (The best news: Literally every step but the first is optional.)

1. Select a caftan of your chosen gauge and length. Stroke its gauzy fabric and whisper into its folds.

2. Let your flesh settle into the crevices of your comfortable, comfortable caftan.

3. Crumbs? Let them fall where they may, swaddled in your caftan.

4. Throw out your razor.

5. Throw out your bra.

6. Throw out the aloe vera lotion you bought last summer. You will not be getting sunburned this summer.

7. Release your inhibitions. Feel the rain on your skin.




Home Improvements


Hello darlings. I’ve decided to reinvent my brand image on House of Heirs. I’ve never truly felt genuine or fully capable of capturing my voice. You see, my motives were all wrong; well perhaps not initially, but I soon lost my identity. I wasn’t being myself, and I was trying to be like other fashion bloggers. The truth is; I’m just not like other fashion bloggers. That’s just not really my style. And for the record; I cannot take myself seriously trying to do an OOTD selfie. I’ve got to hand it to all the ladies who make it look so effortlessly chic.

So what is to become of House of Heirs? I’ve decided to take a lifestyle approach, focusing on fashion (of course), food, travel, puppy, and my business goals. I believe this direction will allow me to be me and get more comfortable in this blogosphere. I am very excited for the changes to come, and I hope you will  follow along and enjoy them too!

Please stay tuned!

Collaboration Advice for Artists and Entrepreneurs

Originally published on Juelp. Article titled, Q&A: What’s Your Advice For Collaborating With Someone?  Written by Amy Schroeder

Ever thought about working in collaboration with another artist or designer? For some artists, working solo-style is best for them, while others choose to collaborate for short sprints or long-term projects. Many Minted artists also say they benefit from the collaborative nature of critiquing each other’s work during the Design Challenge process. For this edition of #ArtistAdvice, we asked full-time design duos Baumbirdy and Rose Lindo and her husband to share their best advice for creative collaboration.

Sarah Baumgardner and Carolyn Doogan

Our best advice for working in a collaboration with someone is to have good communication from the very beginning. Honest communication is best. Sounds simple, but it can be really hard in the beginning not to take things personally, especially when dealing with something so personal as art.

It’s easy to say, “I like this color palette,” “That looks nice,” or “What do you want for lunch?,” but the true progress comes from “real” critiques. Being able to openly give and take advice and criticism is essential in creating trust and open-mindedness between one another. Being able to recognize and talk about one’s strengths and weaknesses are essential to creating an efficient design process.

Floral Peace” holiday card by Baumbirdy

Openly communicating during the creative process will allow you to see things in a different light and recognize potential in areas you didn’t see before. When you honestly communicate about the good and the bad, likes and dislikes, visions and revisions, it doesn’t become work anymore—it becomes two people having fun doing what they love.

Photos by Carolyn Doogan

Rose Lindo
San Antonio, Texas

Several years ago, my husband and I were living the so-called dream in Austin, Texas. Thomas worked as a corporate restaurant manager with a decent salary and good benefits, and after many setbacks, my design business was finally starting to take off. In 2013, just before I turned 30, my husband traded in his chef coat for a laptop, and we celebrated our new life as business partners with a trip to Denver with our closest friends.

Thomas likes to give himself a new title each week, so for now, we’ll call him Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, for short. He’s always been obsessed with gadgets and researching the latest trends in technology. He’s a wizard at keeping up with our social media and marketing, which has played an essential role in growing our business over the last year. I take care of all the design work and product creation, so our roles rarely intersect.

Heart of Gold” by Rose Lindo

I’ve always been a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of gal, which didn’t mesh well with Thomas’ strict schedule. We had grown accustomed to missing birthdays, holidays, and most social gatherings due to the restaurant’s schedule we were married to, but it was a small price to pay for, well, whatever reward it was we were chasing after. The more I thought about it, the more I realized we were living someone else’s dream—not our own.

We decided to set financial goals, eliminate all debt, and downsize from a three-bedroom house to a 650 square-foot apartment in hopes of forging our own path as business partners. Thomas is the left brain to my right, while we both fall into the “scatterbrained” category. It’s almost comical to watch either of us work, as we click haphazardly around our screens, usually with at least a dozen windows pulled up at once. Neither of us uses a planner or to-do list of any sort, but we somehow manage to make things work.

When it comes to collaborating with someone else, it’s important to find someone who brings a unique set of skills to the table. If your roles are too similar, you might end up stepping on one another’s toes. Fortunately, my husband excels at all the things I’m terrible at and vice-versa.

Love Lyrics” by Rose Lindo
Top portrait by Ali Brown Photography

These Fabulous Boutiques are Delivering Black Friday Deals


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Oh yes, the holidays are here. For many of you, the jingle bells may be less jolly and more maddening, but for me the holidays are a time for joy; the warm fuzzies, gathering with family, reuniting, being thankful, reflective, and enjoyably, generous…which, generally, turns into me getting a little crazy with the credit card on Christmas gift purchases (and perhaps a little indulgence for myself).

And I’m just speculating, but I bet some of you are wondering why I’m talking about the holidays already, when Thanksgiving hasn’t even occurred. Well to all the Grinch’s and all the Scrouge’s, Thanksgiving is all but two days away, and the day after marks open season for madness of holiday shopping.

Closeup on christmas shopping bags in hand of smiling young woman

I’ve been reading a book that has given me a lot of perspective on the clothes I wear, the places I shop, and my purchase behavior. This has also given me much thought into the carnivorous culture that is Black Friday; thrashing for the best deals, with little question of how great of a deal we’re actually getting (or lack thereof). Big-box retailers draw you in with their alluring, sometimes ambiguous, deep promotions. As a pursuer of entrepreneurship, I’m obviously a proponent of supporting small business, but as a consumer, learning what I have, my support has only become greater.

I’m not trying to damn Black Friday or consumerism, instead I’m trying to shift the focus from the fast fashion frenzy and big box retailer’s outrageous super sales*, back to our own communities, neighbors, and friends.

*Sale on limited product, while supplies last, for the first 2000 customers only, read terms of agreement, only available in Canada, may be life-threatening.

So if you want to experience the reward of supporting local businesses, or supporting your community economically; if you want to find something for yourself, something that will turn eyes, something that stands out and instills confidence; if you want to find a totally unique gift, or pretty much win at Secret Santa; if you want to be recognized as an individual, respected, and appreciated for your support, you can find it here:

Oh, and yes, these charming boutiques also have super sweet Black Friday deals too 😉


:Ivy Hill:

All things accessories, clothing, and gifts! Located in Ladue. This Black Friday, you can anticipate 20% off everything in store, I’ll say that one more time; 20% off EVERYTHING in the entire store! If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.


Check out more stuff from Ivy Hill‘s insta!



Fabulous, affordable, fashion! Located in Webster Groves (WG native, whoop!) and St. Charles. Leopard will open @8am Friday morning in both locations, with these awesome doorbuster specials!

Select sweaters $29.99

Select dresses $29.99

Select tops $19.99

Good Works Bracelets for $14.99 (regularly $18-26)

On Small Business Saturday, you can expect 10% off everything in store, PLUS, a free gift with purchase!! Both locations will open @10am Saturday morning.

Check out more stuff from Leopard‘s insta!

:Living Collective:

A women’s lifestyle shop of carefully curated clothing and accessories! Located in the Central West End. On Black Friday you can expect 15% of all orders (code word: PUMPKINPIE), PLUS free shipping on all orders Friday-Monday!

Check out more stuff from Living Collective‘s insta!

I’m not going to tell you to stop shopping at the big box stores, but I will leave you with this; you cannot deny these delicious deals, nor the self-reward for your support. This year, give the gift of supporting small business!


Where the Magic Happens

This is my place. My creative place. My inspiration. My drive. My force and my fire. This place here, is where the magic happens.

It’s important to have a place to retreat when you’re at a creative roadblock. Somewhere that motivates and inspires you; anywhere from a park bench to a busy coffee house. My place happens to be conveniently tucked away inside my apartment; complete with my very own handmade desk (with tremendous help from my boyfriend) and wall of distractions—ehem, inspiration. Or as I like to call it, the original Pinterest board.

I find it necessary, if not mandatory for the sake of your eye wellness, to take your focus off the screen and let your eyes wander for a moment. In my case, it’s a must. Not only does this relieve my sensitive eyes, but it’s quite pleasing to observe my collage. The collection and mixture of different styles, colors, and trends give me inspiration (along with wardrobe envy) and serve as a constant reminder of why I want to get into this business.

For me this place is more than an office; it’s more than just a place to write. I imagine this place is where the beginning of my journey begins. Where all the research will be gathered, where all the questions will be answered, where communications and relationships will be developed, and where my dreams will become tangible. This is where the magic happens.


Women’s Day Instapiration

Today is an interesting day [March 8th, 2015]. Today, we celebrate women’s equality. Today, I feel perplexed because this is the first time I have even heard of a day that celebrates all women all over the world. It makes me sad that this is the first year I’ve heard of this tremendous observance. Equally, I am pleasantly humbled that I have learned of this observance through social media posts from my friends, role-models, and even brands recognizing, celebrating, and combating for women’s equality. It certainly is beautiful to see such inspirational and empowering messages. I’ve been wanting to write about social media, specifically instagram, and how it has become my source for daily inspiration and research.

You see my dream is to own and operate a women’s clothing boutique. It has been my dream for years, and finally I can pursue that dream.

For the past several weeks I’ve been doing my fair share of research in regard to fashion, retail, designers, and local boutiques here in St. Louis. And okay, so my research doubles as an online-shopping excuse, but I find it necessary if not crucial to be on top of my trends game.  And as silly as it seems, instagram is a phenomenal source for fashion trends. What I have found [of course] are more products that I love and want,  but more importantly an entire network of remarkable, artists, designers, stylists, and entrepreneurs who are doing what they love. Today, I want to recognize these talented individuals and thank them for inspiring me to continuously pursue my dreams.

Thank You,

Paris Gerrard:

Arielle Nachmani :

Helen Bense :

Barbara Pellegrino :

Don Biu :

Teysha :

Hyper Haute :

Ivy Hill Boutique :

Cha Boutique :

10denza :

Tree House Network Shop :

and so many more!

Thank you for your active posts. To you they may just be photos, but to me they are daily inspirations and reminders to fearlessly follow my passions. Happy International Women’s Day everyone.



I started writing just before the midnight, but published afterwards.





Advice for an entrepreneur-newb wanted.

Interview with small fashion boutique…check!

A few days ago I kind of put myself out there by emailing a local boutique telling them who I was, what I do, and what I really want to do and offered to help them out wherever there was help needed. The woman wrote back to me and was very pleased with my email and enthusiasm and now we’ve scheduled a meeting to “chat.” Hopefully, this leads to a job but in the event that it is only a chat and mainly me asking hundreds of questions about the business, what steps do I need to take to move forward?

Am I going about the interview approach correctly?

My best judgement tells me to talk to people who’ve made it in the industry, successful entrepreneurs, find out what they know, and hopefully gain insights and a lead to another direction.

Sure, this post may be premature but I’m just so damn anxious to get started. Any entrepreneurs out there who have any solid advice for a newb?