Fall Trend Forecast


Guys, the 90’s are back and so are all these Backstreet Boys songs that I fondly replay in my mind while Josh atrociously sings, Goodies. Yes, the Ciara song. Lot’s of throwbacks in the house tonight…ANYWAY, I know what you’re thinking, Caitlin the 90’s have been back, like duhh. True, but at last, they’re back in a good way. Almost. Besides 90’s inspiration for fall trends we’ll take a look at some fashion fixations that I’m certainly looking forward to. Here we go!

  1. Stirrup Pants

Meeeoooww. As the ever-growing trend of athleisure continues to flourish, so begins this throwback. If you haven’t seen them in your yoga class, you will soon. I was skeptical at first, and then I bought these bad boys and my doubts diminished. Unlike the 90’s, 2016 will probably save you from massive camel toes, and thank heavens, the leotard-over-leggings-look hasn’t made a comeback. Plus, 2016 stirrup pants are fitted, unlike the 90’s when we had this awkward flabby fabric sitting at the ankle. I’m a proponent for athleisure, and you can totally make minimal effort look fabulous. I wear my stirrup leggings every single week. Seriously. I’m obsessed with them. Not only are the fantastically comfortable, they’re functional, and SUPA cute.

Where you can find them:

Alo Yoga, Target, Express, Nordstrom, and Google if you have no luck with all 4 of those.

2. Wrap Necklaces

I’m not a super fan of chokers, but I’m loving these. They’re simple, sexy, and have that southwest swagger (which I LOVE). I contested the cost of these necklaces; I mean seriously, it’s a string with tassels, so I opted to make them myself. I spent a solid $23 on several yards of black, brown, and beige suede, and faux leather string. In addition I found these itty-bitty clasps that I fashioned into tassels. It legit took me all of 10 minutes to make 2 necklaces, so if you’d like that how-to insider information, hit a sister up. Otherwise, you can purchase these lovelies here:

Urban Outfitters, Lulu’s, Etsy.

3. Flannel, Plaid, Gingham, you got it!


Everyone knows flannel is a fall favorite, but this year is all about the twist- literally, around your waist. Oh yes, this practical 90’s hack is on-trend. Not only should you expect flannel, plaid, and gingham derrière, you may notice it in “new” fashions including, trenches, vests, of course, blanket scarfs (still my favorite accessory), skirts, jumpers, et cetera.

Get your flannel fix here:

Target, Zara, Shabby Apple, Nordstom, Nordstrom again, and Urban Outfitters.

4. Over-the-knee boots and oversized sweaters.

Supa, supa, supa, supa stoked to rock these boots with oversized sweaters this fall! I just have no words. Chunky sweaters are the best and over-the-knee boots are simply sexy. I got my boots here, but you can also find them here:

Asos, Famous Footwear, Nordstrom, Nordstrom again, and Steve Madden.

Speaking of oversized sweaters, look out for oversized tops this fall, like this one (don’t mind scary model).

5. Half pony.

Another 90’s favorite, the half pony is back (hehe) and my go-to for the office. Keep it bohemian chic or make it pop like Ariana Grande. Her hair is a little too extreme (or maybe too juvenile) for my tastes, but that seems to be the bees knees with many. Expect more top knots, and the man buns aren’t over yet.

6. Metallics.

I’m having flashbacks to the millennium all over again; what with Met Gala’s Manus x Machina. Technology advancements, digital interwebs, and the future of fashion; it’s all so shiny! I’ve never understood why futuristic fashion is always metallic. Surely, we will wear something less luminous. That is unless we’re collecting energy with our wearables, or something of that nature. Whether you’re fearless of flash, or just want to add a little sparkle to your OOTD, here are some places you can find some shine:

Zara, Zara,  Zara, Zara, Zara everything, these incredibly beautiful velvet over-the-knee boots, Nordstrom,  and Asos.

(I am an alliteration-animal.)


So there you have it; my fall trends forecast. Nothing but 90’s, shiny, oversized shirts, chokers, velvet, pleats, and seasonably fit, flannel.

Now let’s hear it. What fall trends are you looking forward to?


Sayonara Summer


Sweet, sweet, summer. What a time for exploration, adventures, and new discoveries. Knock the temperatures all you want, but I LOVE summer; lake trips, floating, laying out by the pool, sun-kissed skin, lightened locks, minimal clothing, and ice cold beer.

Yep, I will take scorching temperatures for all of this. Sadly, summer is coming to an end; so to send off summer on a stellar pump, I decided to visit one of my favorite places, dressed head-to-toe in some of my some of my summer favorites.


Location: Bowood Farms Dress: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Pitaya Wallet: Target

Unfortunately, I found this dress at Urban about 3 months ago, and it’s no longer available online, however, you might be able to find it in-store. The shoes I purchased from Pitaya last year. Although, they are no longer available now, I highly recommend browsing their stores. Awesome, super cute clothes, accessories, and shoes, for incredible prices. I also got my sunglasses from Pitaya and they were $8.



Bowood Farms remains one of my all-time favorite brunch destinations in St. Louis. Not only are the food and cocktails excellent, but in the spring and summer, the nursery is abundant with plants, herbs, blooms, and magnificent florals. It’s an exceptionally charming nursery and cafe and I highly recommend checking it out; at least just to peruse and wander because it’s just simply  a beautiful boutique.


I hope you enjoy your last weekend of summer by soaking up the sun, and taking some time to reflect on all your accomplishments and finally relax with a big ol’ margarita, chips & salsa, and maybe some shrimp tacos if you’re feeling really spicy. I’m definitely not craving Mexican food…not at all…

Stay tuned for my fall fashion predictions coming soon! Sayonara summer!