How I Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside



Originally titled, How I’m Staying Warm This Winter, as St. Louis was frigid when I originally wrote this article, and now we’re back to mild! F-ing St. Louis for you…

St. Louis has been unseasonably kind this winter. Thank you, El Nino? (I’m sorry, Earth, I love you!) December was pleasantly mild, despite my wishes for snowfall. And while the first half of January would prove to follow suit as December, the latter half has fallen short 20 degrees below, or so. Just when I was beginning to think that I could most definitely handle one point five more months of winter; the temperature took a chilling dive.

I’ll be the first to admit; my style game is a bit lagging, shall we say, during the hibernation season. When it comes to practicality versus fashionability; practicality is always going to win in my book. However, I believe, fashionability and practicality can come to a cozy agreement. Here is how I’m staying warm (and stylish?) this winter:


Rodger pup^

This winter, for me, is all about loose layers. I like pairing oversized sweaters with long t’s and tanks. The loose part is important though! This is very helpful for creating insulation between the fabric and your skin; creating more warmth.

I found this AMAZING cropped/high-low wool sweater at Avalon Exchange for $10!! So I apologize, you will probably not be able to find it anywhere. My top is from H&M and has a floral print which I adore! Details:



I like to maintain a balance of loose-fit clothes and tight-fit. I.e. Skinny jeans, loose tops, vice versa.

In addition to sweaters and loose layers, I’ve been:

Rocking wool socks, always; drinking endless cups of hot green tea and hot chocolate, snuggling with my puppy,ย (bless my parents for this Christmas gift) cozying-up beneath my new heated blanket, and sporting slippers for days (not pictured because they are fugly UGGs).

Lets hear some of your winter must-haves!



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