New Year’s Eve Style Tips

New Year’s Eve, for me, has always been an overly-anticipated occasion which almost always ends in a bust. Not to say, that I don’t enjoy celebrating the holiday and new year, I just always place high expectations on one single night. This year, we’ve [me + manfriend] collectively decided not to do anything glamorous to ring in the new year. Dinner, champagne, really good beer, puzzles, movies, popcorn, chocolate, and puppy. That’s how I intend to spend my New Year’s Eve.

But even I can’t resist a New Year’s Eve outfit. Now, typically ringing in the new year requires sequin, sparkles, glitter, shimmer, and shine. The problem with that is, once you wear it, you rarely find another occasion appropriate of the magnitude of your sequin-adorned cocktail dress.

Here are a few pieces that will allow you to step up your shine in more ways than one. Don’t worry, I couldn’t completely nix the sequin cocktail dress.

Eye-Catching Embellishments


Golden Leaf Headband via Urban Outfitters. Not only is this piece a crowning compliment to your NYE selfie, it can be worn long after you’ve given up on your new year’s resolutions. Weddings, music festivals, beaches, date nights, or on your luxurious vacation to Santorini– you get the idea.


Inferno Heeled Boot via Free People. You won’t find greater dazzle for your dancing feet (and in 3.5in heels!).  What’s best about these brilliant booties, is that you can dress them up for another occasion or dress them down with a pair of denims and a V-neck T. Plus they’re black so there are endless ways to play with color or keep it simple.


Gold Dusted Tights via Target. So I’m not going to lie, when I started writing this post, I initially chose tights from Urban Outfitters– super cute, gold-sparkled, polka dots. And while my poetic description may not win you over, just understand they were way cuter than, well, Target’s tights. However, these tights closely mimic the tights I will be wearing for NYE and what’s more is they’re only $8! So that’s a win in my book. These go perfect with a LBD and LBB’s (little black booties). Or black leather shorts!


Square Crystal Double Necklace via Free People. I’m quite partial to statement jewelry, and this is a dream. Seriously, you could just wear this with your birthday suit and everyone would only notice this sparkling sensation dangling from your neck. Now if you’re thinking, when the hell am I ever going to wear that again? I’ve got one word for you: ANYTIME! Dress it up with a black crew neck crop-top and a flowy maxi skirt, or dress it down with a faded denim jacket, a vintage graphic t, some black denims, or a high-waisted mini.

And if that’s a little too much sparkle for you, here’s something a little more subtle:


Merritt Triangle Drop Earrings via Francesca’s. Simple and stunning; I just love these.

Now I couldn’t exclude the sequin altogether, so here is my favorite pick:


Silver Sun Mini Dress via Free People. This beauty is perfect for NYE because it doesn’t scream NYE. Sure it’s got the sequin, but it’s tasteful. Plus you can wear this piece all year round as an endearing winter white or show-stopping summer sizzler. Pair with a simple chain necklace, some awesome rings (layered if possible), black tights (optional), and some LBB’s!

Don’t feel limited to just the sequin studded cocktail dress this New Year’s Eve! Embrace your accessories and enjoy your shimmering outfit more than once this year…well you know 2016.

Have a happy new year everyone!



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