Dreaming of the City That Never Sleeps

Whenever I imagine New York City, I’m taken on a romantic high where dreams and possibilities are endless. The skyscrapers tower over me, so gallantly, and to think; these were made by human beings. A song plays in my heart and soul as I walk the busy streets in wonderment.ย 

Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and quite a transparent one to boot. For I am still completely awe-stricken by every detail along every block. What an inspiring city; so old, so new, so diverse. It has such an eclectic heritage and culture so rich, how could you resist a bite?ย 

On my last visit to New York, I made certain I packed an array of outfits that were inspired by the people and the city itself.

  1. Audrey Nouveau

2. City Wanderlust

3. Summer Solstice

4. City Lights

5. Red, White, and Boho