A Trendy Guide To Riding The River

So this past weekend I went on a kayaking trip. That’s right, I’m talking about getting wet and dirty in a river on a fashion blog. Like what fashion enthusiast ever adored the great outdoors and outdoor recreation? And vice versa. Probably more than I think, but where I’m from those two don’t really go hand-in-hand.

My sister once worked at an outdoor retail store and we would get all dolled-up and go out with her co-workers and they would gawk, as they snarkily asked, what are you wearing? 

Well fashion haters and outdoor pansies, I swing both ways, and just because I have two loves doesn’t mean we can’t work together. In fact, my inspiration for my clothing line was creating technical performance wear that was actually fashionable, and tailor made. But I digress.

This post is a dedication to my two loves fashion + outdoors; to create a perfect union. So without further ado, I give you: A Trendy Guide To Riding The River.

What You’ll Need:

Sorry for chopping off part of your head Rocky…


I wore (as pictured above) my beautiful red wrap-around swim top from Free People, and it was a really bad decision. The knot that tied the swimsuit in the back, I kid you knot (ha!) bruised my back. I would recommend a swimsuit that clasps in the back, not ties. The swimsuit bottoms are from Victoria’s Secret, no complaints. Fair warning, their swimsuits run VERY small (and I’m a small girl), so if you’re concerned about some revealing cheeks, I’d opt for a larger size, or a different store all together.


I regrettably left my house wearing my flip-flops. Normally, I’d advise wearing a sandal that isn’t so easy to take to the river’s course; something that’s, you know, like attached to your foot. Something like this…


Nothing sexier than a pair of Velcro sandals. At least you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, something more like this…however, I wouldn’t advise that. You don’t want to ruin a stellar pair of sandals just to look good. And as far as flip-flops go, well you put yourself at risk of losing one, especially if there’s booze involved. Fortunately, and most unfortunately, the water was absolutely freezing and was only about 4 ft deep. Not ideal for jumping out of your boat.


Now I didn’t rock the one’s pictured above; no I (briefly) wore the sexiest burnt orange shorts I owned. And by sexy, I mean atrocious. They were practical for the water though. The sun was beating down and I ripped those suckers off as soon as we got our boats on the bank. Shorts are not a necessity, but are quiet nice when your legs are burning; you know, moderate coverage and so forth.


I wore this wicked awesome vintage Alpine Shop logo t-shirt (woo, mouthful), that’s not pictured above but can be seen here:

Yes, I realize that knot is incredibly dangerous...
Yes, I realize that knot is incredibly dangerous…

and here:

Look at the beaut.
Look at the beaut.

Actually, it’s wear was as brief as the shorts, but it was there in spirit. Basking in pride on the back of my boat. You’ll most certainly want to have a t-shirt of some sort on you because the sun is fierce and will burn your shoulders. I don’t know about you, but my legs can tolerate the sun way better than my shoulders, so I always have a t-shirt ready when I can’t handle the agony.

Other items that are necessary:





Riding like a champ, dressed for safety.
Riding like a champ, and dressed for safety.

He’s so precious!!

There you have it, everything you need to ride the river in style. Let me know what some of your must-haves are!

Goodnight, everyone!!