Women’s Day Instapiration

Today is an interesting day [March 8th, 2015]. Today, we celebrate women’s equality. Today, I feel perplexed because this is the first time I have even heard of a day that celebrates all women all over the world. It makes me sad that this is the first year I’ve heard of this tremendous observance. Equally, I am pleasantly humbled that I have learned of this observance through social media posts from my friends, role-models, and even brands recognizing, celebrating, and combating for women’s equality. It certainly is beautiful to see such inspirational and empowering messages. I’ve been wanting to write about social media, specifically instagram, and how it has become my source for daily inspiration and research.

You see my dream is to own and operate a women’s clothing boutique. It has been my dream for years, and finally I can pursue that dream.

For the past several weeks I’ve been doing my fair share of research in regard to fashion, retail, designers, and local boutiques here in St. Louis. And okay, so my research doubles as an online-shopping excuse, but I find it necessary if not crucial to be on top of my trends game.  And as silly as it seems, instagram is a phenomenal source for fashion trends. What I have found [of course] are more products that I love and want,  but more importantly an entire network of remarkable, artists, designers, stylists, and entrepreneurs who are doing what they love. Today, I want to recognize these talented individuals and thank them for inspiring me to continuously pursue my dreams.

Thank You,

Paris Gerrard: http://www.charcoalalley.com/https://instagram.com/get_rocked/

Arielle Nachmani : http://www.somethingnavy.com

Helen Bense : http://www.gypsylovinlight.com/

Barbara Pellegrino : http://www.bcpjewelry.com

Don Biu : http://www.etsy.com/shop/donbiubali

Teysha : http://www.teysha.is

Hyper Haute : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hyper-Haute/120526051301143

Ivy Hill Boutique : http://www.ivyhillboutique.com

Cha Boutique :  https://www.facebook.com/ChaBoutique

10denza : http://www.10denza.com

Tree House Network Shop : http://www.treehousenetworkshop.com

and so many more!

Thank you for your active posts. To you they may just be photos, but to me they are daily inspirations and reminders to fearlessly follow my passions. Happy International Women’s Day everyone.



I started writing just before the midnight, but published afterwards.






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