Advice for an entrepreneur-newb wanted.

Interview with small fashion boutique…check!

A few days ago I kind of put myself out there by emailing a local boutique telling them who I was, what I do, and what I really want to do and offered to help them out wherever there was help needed. The woman wrote back to me and was very pleased with my email and enthusiasm and now we’ve scheduled a meeting to “chat.” Hopefully, this leads to a job but in the event that it is only a chat and mainly me asking hundreds of questions about the business, what steps do I need to take to move forward?

Am I going about the interview approach correctly?

My best judgement tells me to talk to people who’ve made it in the industry, successful entrepreneurs, find out what they know, and hopefully gain insights and a lead to another direction.

Sure, this post may be premature but I’m just so damn anxious to get started. Any entrepreneurs out there who have any solid advice for a newb?


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