Advice for an entrepreneur-newb wanted.

Interview with small fashion boutique…check!

A few days ago I kind of put myself out there by emailing a local boutique telling them who I was, what I do, and what I really want to do and offered to help them out wherever there was help needed. The woman wrote back to me and was very pleased with my email and enthusiasm and now we’ve scheduled a meeting to “chat.” Hopefully, this leads to a job but in the event that it is only a chat and mainly me asking hundreds of questions about the business, what steps do I need to take to move forward?

Am I going about the interview approach correctly?

My best judgement tells me to talk to people who’ve made it in the industry, successful entrepreneurs, find out what they know, and hopefully gain insights and a lead to another direction.

Sure, this post may be premature but I’m just so damn anxious to get started. Any entrepreneurs out there who have any solid advice for a newb?


Leave the Fashion Door Open


My name is Caitlin Ayres and I am an entrepreneur that St. Louis doesn’t know quite yet. Documenting my journey could either be a terrible idea or be very endearing and real. Let’s hope for the latter! I will officially graduate from Webster University this winter with a BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications with an emphasis in copywriting and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship. Blah blah blah I know what I’m doing because I’m a master of advertising and entrepreneurship, right? WRONG. 

This whole scary start-up business thing cannot be taught in books. For me, it’s diving right in head first, getting my name and my dream out there and hoping for the best.

So what’s my business, sheesh just get to it.

Well if the fashionistas reference or my headline didn’t give it away, I want to open a women’s fashion boutique. When I was taking courses for my certificate I did alllllllll of my research and financial projections, and marketing, and the whole damn business plan for a women’s fashion boutique. I have a written plan but that will change immensely over the course of five years, which is my goal for when the store will open and operate.

Right now I’m interning at a little ad agency here in St. Louis and I’ve just started this project for creating a campaign for my store. Pretty exciting and inspiring, so I thought I’d follow through with my original plan to blog about the journey to entrepreneurship. Plus, gives me an excuse to write.

Today I emailed two owners of a small boutique asking if they needed help with anything, and although the email is tiny compared to the whole process to come, it’s a start; a great start, because it’s actually becoming something. No longer is it just talk and words, my email marks the action, and I will anxiously wait to hear what they have to say. Thus, my fashion door has opened, here we go.

Wish me luck!